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September 27, 2017


Healing testimony

“I had a shoulder problem for about two years from sports, (Swimming, Volleyball, and Cheerleading) and no matter how much physical therapy I did, it never seemed to get better.

The doctors did 2 MRIs to see if I tore it, but there wasn’t any tear. The only thing they could think of was I damaged my long thorasic nerve, and there was nothing they could do about it.
My doctor was somebody my family has known for a long time, and is a really strong christian, and he said that God is the only one that could heal it, because no medicine or therapy is going to help..it was just that kind of injury.

After hearing this I was kind of depressed for a while, and angry at God. No matter how much I prayed it never seemed like anything happened or I got an answer back. After a while I just didn’t care anymore..I wanted to be done with God but I knew that wouldn’t be right, just to walk away like that.

I wanted him to talk back to me and when he didn’t it made me doubt him even more, so I just stopped praying and trying. I was tired of living in pain.
Then one day, on my own, I decided to get prayer from Bruce Allen at a confrence at my church, because I had a little bit of hope that maybe God would do something. That day my shoulder was really sore from sports, and after he prayed almost instantly I realized the pain was gone, I could move my shoulder in the ways it hurt to before, and even the soreness was gone! After this, I just felt like I was filled with something, and I began to cry because I was so happy that it was over, I was finally healed.

Right after this I told Bruce what had happened, and then I was in tears almost the rest of the night. I was filled with so much joy that replaced a lot of the anger I had in me, and that day I was the happiest I have ever been, and I wanted to tell everyone what God did for me.

Not only did God heal my shoulder, he changed my heart, and now I have no more doubts, and I know he is there. He’s made me want to seek him more. Everytime I think about what God did for me that night makes me so happy, my shoulder could never have healed on it’s own.”
-Tiana Martin.

Jesus appeared to me…

Hello Pastors Bruce, and Reshma,
I wanted to share with you what I saw during the afternoon session when you had us all close our eyes. Jesus appeared to me as He came the first thing I saw was his robe which was deep blue. It was as if he stood before me as I lay prostate, although in the natural I was standing. I saw the hem of the robe, and I lifted my eyes upward and as I did I stood, the top of his garment was white- the shoulders and sleeves. As I stood very close to him and looked at his face I looked at his beard. He said you may touch my beard. I started to reach out to touch it, but then stopped, and asked him “Lord, they pulled out your beard, but it is whole.” He said “yes, but when I was resurrected even my beard was restored. Go ahead and touch it.” So I did and it was smooth but course under my fingers. Then He put his arm around my shoulders and drew me to his chest to hear his heartbeat. At first I thought this was all sort of odd, but this AM as I read something I learned that blue is the color of revelation.
In my spirit I realized that what He is telling me is that He is going to reveal His heart to me in an even greater way. I so appreciated the conference, this past w/e.
I came away so refreshed and affirmed. For sometime I have been told to be quiet and not share what the Lord has revealed to me (by pastors), or been told that God wouldn’t say that, or had others imply that I must be crazy for believing things, that He has revealed to me.
I am so grateful to have been led to Commandment 1, and to have been there to receive impartation from you.
Thank you.
-Constantly Abiding with the Lover of my Soul, Myra

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