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Still Waters International Missions

Still Waters International Missions is an end-time apostolic ministry. Bruce and Reshma travel throughout the world ministering
the love of Jesus in the character of Christ. Unusual signs and wonders accompany the preaching of the Word.

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Upcoming Events

  • 2020 Asia Open Heavens End Time Prophetic Conference

    Target group: Whoever is willing to pay the price to enter into a deeper level of the realm of heavenly glory. Age limitation: Age 12 or above. (No children care or service provided) Email: * Your email is

  • Moving Further with the Lord

    Join us for three days of advanced training at the Academy of Light school event "Moving Further with the Lord". This will be an intensive course with five international speakers. With a total of 15 sessions over the three days,

  • Prophets' Conference 2020 - Singapore

    Theme: Word of the Lord Date: February 20-22, 2020 Venue: Harvest Care Centre 165 Sims Ave S387606 About The Conference The Prophets' Conference is a platform raised by God for His prophets in the region to declare and articulate His Word, revealing His mind for the

  • Walking In the Fullness of Christ | Canada

    WALKING IN THE FULLNESS OF CHRIST Living the Biblical Secrets of a Supernatural Life Hosted by Still Waters International Missions Canada with support from Holy Spirit Filled Army Homegroup SEATING IS LIMITED Please CLICK HERE to Register or https://swim.truehoshin.duckdns.org/ FEE: CAD360 Includes Bruce Allen’s Latest Book

  • School of supernatural - Translation by Faith | Austria

    Place: Veranstaltungssaal / Hall of Raika Freistadt Linzer Straße 15 A-4240 Freistadt Austria/ Europe   Host: Christengemeinde Freistadt, Pastor Stefan and Maria Hanl Waaggasse 24, 4240 Freistadt Phone: ++43 650 3005328 office@christengemeinde-freistadt.at www.christengemeinde-freistadt.at   Date: Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23th 9am to 5pm Sunday 24th of May 2020, Service at 9.30 am   Information

  • Martyrs Conference 2020

    The Martyrs Conference of 2020 hosted by Sr. Pastor Greg Barrett and Pastor Myrna Barrett with Barrett International Ministries.

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